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Author Interview: Shirley Sorbello author of That’s Just The Way It Is

My guest today is author Shirley Sorbello.  Shirley Sorbello is a native of southern New Jersey. She majored in psychology at Rutgers University and later attended Widener University where she graduated with an MSW in 1995. For a number of years, Shirley worked in the human services field as a social worker, therapist and administrator. Early in 2012 she [...]

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Author Interview: Wayne Clark

My guest today is author Wayne Clark. Wayne Clark is a Montreal writer. Throughout his life, he has made his living almost entirely from words, from journalism to copywriting. He wrote fiction throughout most of those years, when he was sure no one was looking. he & She is the first novel that he convinced [...]

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Author Interview: Sara Lunardi

Allow me to introduce author Sara Lunardi.   Sara Lunardi was born and raised in the beautiful seaside town of Genoa, Italy, where she studied for a degree in Italian, Spanish and English Literature, specializing in psychology and sociology.  After spending a few years in Switzerland, she moved permanently to London, a city that she [...]

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Author Interview: Sandra Mendyk

My guest today is author Sandra Mendyk.   Sandra Mendyk taught English in a private school for twenty-two years. Presently she is retired but works part time as editor of a weekly newspaper, Valley Times, where she writes an opinion column. Sandra is also a disabled American veteran, serving four years in the U.S. Army [...]

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Author Interview: Brian Parker

Let me introduce author Brian Parker who has generously granted me this interview. Let's start with a short bio of Brian. Born and raised as an Army brat, Brian Parker moved all over the country as a child before his father retired from the service and the family settled down in a small Missouri town.  [...]

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Author Interview: TAMI KIDD

My guest today is Tami Kidd, author of the novel Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. I interviewed Tami a short while ago and here is what she had to say. Q:  Can you briefly describe your journey in writing your book? A:  I've started many books throughout my life, but I've never finished them. I'd get [...]

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