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We Will Never Forget

In looking back over the last ten years I can honestly say that the memories of 9/11/01 have always been with me. It was a beautiful late summer day, with a touch of coolness in the morning air. I returned home around 8:45 A.M. from a doctor's appointment, turned on the Today show where Matt [...]

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Family Found

I have tried for many years to learn more about my Polish ancestors. I have scoured the Internet; googled everything I could think of; pored through the Ellis Island website, etc. I have found lots of public records for both maternal and paternal sides of the family. In those respects I have considered myself lucky. [...]

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The Price of Progress in TV Land

   When I was born, television was something new and exciting. It was a large box with a screen that was housed in a piece of furniture. In the back of the screen was a forest of tubes and connectors that 'caught' the signal and translated them into a picture for our viewing pleasure.    [...]

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Bugs vs. Historical Fiction

     I've been asked by numerous people why I chose to write historical fiction as opposed to any other genre (romance, comedy, mystery, etc). I suppose the answer lies with the knowledge that everything we experience or do is a form of history.      Historical fiction, for me, helps me understand why I've said or [...]

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Book Review: THE HOSTAGE by Susan Wiggs

Action. Adventure. Suspense. Murder. Mayhem. Kidnapping. Isolation. Desolation. Near Death. Introspection. Rape. Romance. Compassion. Empathy. Self-Reinvention.  All of this and more set against the backdrop of The Great Chicago Fire. When Deborah Sinclair experiences one life-changing event, she is unprepared for a chain-of-events that is set in motion on the night of the Chicago Fire. [...]

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Book Review: THE MUMMY CASE (Amelia Peabody, Book 3) by Elizabeth Peters

Intrepid Egyptologist Amelia Peabody and her irrascible husband, who has been dubbed the "Father of Curses" by the Egyptian natives, once again set forth to uncover the treasures of the ancient pharoahs. This time they take along with them their young son nicknamed Ramses and John, a servant in their employ from England. Relegated to [...]

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Book Review: TWO OLD WOMEN: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival by Velma Wallis

In this well-told tale of two tribewomen who are in their old age we see what determination can do. Having earned the respect of their tribe these two women have been content to let others do for them over the years. But their age hinders the tribespeople's movements and they are facing a brutal winter. [...]

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