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A Daring Arrangement by Joanna Shupe

Lady Honora Parker, daring daughter of the Earl of Stratton, causes a scandal when she is found disheveled from kissing a young artist who has pledged his heart to her. Although they wish to marry, her father vehemently objects and sends her to New York City in hopes of her finding a husband in America. [...]

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Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian’s Coin by John Mugglebee

Neespaugot: The Legend of the Indian's Coin brings to the reader a tale of history that centers around an old coin given to the Indian Runinniduk for his services to the white settlers of an area in Rhode Island. While the story is fictional it is based on true events that present us with history [...]

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Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford

  There was a time when people of mixed race were thought of as freaks or misfits and treated as such. In Love and Other Consolation Prizes, a young Chinese-American boy is sold by his mother, herself a prostitute, in order to provide him with a better life. This was during the time of famine [...]

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I Said Not Now by Jeff Janes (Book Review)

  This story surprised me. From the title (I Said Not Now) I expected to find a story about a child whose parents didn't have time for him/her. Or even for a pet whose owner always had other things to do. But titles, and book covers, can be deceiving. That is certainly true in this [...]

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The Winter Prince by Lauren Scharhag (Book Review)

Teen-aged Margaret lives with her father in an Ozark village of tradesfolk. Everyone gets along reasonably well as the years go by. But when summer fails to come to an end and the temperatures are still in the upper digits by Christmas-time, it is apparent that winter will pass them by that year. Determined to [...]

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The Braid: A Short Story by Angela Youriko Smith (Book Review)

Cambria is a teen-aged babysitter watching over five year old Missy as this tale opens. Missy doesn't want to go to sleep - at least that's what we're led to believe - and plagues Cambria with her pretend game of being like the invisible lady. But the lady is only invisible to Cambria. And by [...]

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A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman (Book Review)

What does one call a fifty-nine year old man who is opinionated, irreverent, cantankerous, and pessimistic about the world around him? Ove, of course! When we first meet Ove he is about to undertake his daily inspection of the housing development where he lives. This occurs at precisely six o’clock every morning, rain or shine. [...]

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