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What A Difference A Duke Makes by Lenora Bell

Mari Perkins misses her appointment at Mrs. Trilby’s Agency for Superior Governesses thus losing a position she’d been promised. Finding herself near penniless, she overhears that a certain duke’s children have sent yet another governess packing. Miss Perkins presents herself on the duke’s doorstep. She proceeds to become a most clever governess and soon has [...]

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It’s Hard Out Here For A Duke by Maya Rodale

American-born James Cavendish is a simple man who has spent his life breeding horses and raising his three sisters. When he receives word that he has inherited the title of Duke of Durham, he reluctantly agrees to travel to England with his sisters. But before he arrives in London and accepts his new role and [...]

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The Scandal Of It All by Sophie Jordan

Graciela, Duchess of Autenberry, has been a widow for more than ten years; because of her Spanish heritage she has been snubbed by London society for so long that she rarely ventures out. But she is young and after such an extended period seeks only a short interlude, a single night, in the arms of [...]

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The Ocean Liner by Marius Gabriel

With a passenger list that includes celebrities of the day (Toscanini, Stravinsky, Fanny Ward, Rose Kennedy and her children) along with a young Nazi, the American ship SS Manhattan sits at the pier in Le Havre, France in 1939. "Cousins Masha and Rachel Morganstern board the luxury liner bound for New York, desperate to escape [...]

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Courage of The Heart by Christine Chatterton

This is the story of Haidee Wilson and Maurice Chatterton. It is the beginning of a love story that spanned almost seventy years. Courage of the Heart concentrates on the period from 1915, through World War I, through 1923. "Based on letters found in the house of her husband's grandmother, Christine Chatterton has masterfully crafted [...]

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Death of a Movie Star by Timothy Patrick

For all of its elegant veneer, Hollywood is a nest of vipers. The queen of the vipers is none other than Lenora Danmore, an eighty-seven year old diva of the first water intent on remaining forever young and beloved. To accomplish this, Lenora is ready to put the finishing touches on her interactive museum. But [...]

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If My Heart Had Wings by Nadine Taylor

This is the love story of Nina Ostrom and Lyndon Raff as told by her daughter, author Nadine Taylor. As a teenager, Nadine discovers her mother's secret - she had been married once upon a time to someone other than her current husband and father of her girls. And when Nadine uncovers a wedding photo [...]

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Chronicles of A Bee Whisperer by Timothy Stobierski

Let me state up front that this is the first poetry collection I have read other than the required high school readings. In this collection of poetry and essays, Tim Stobierski lays bare his soul as he gives us a glimpse at the sometimes, seedy, oftentimes beautiful, always lyrical emotion of love in all its [...]

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The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck

Birdie Shehorn, a Knickerbocker Gilded Age daughter and heiress has one dream – to have her novel published under her own name. You see, Birdie has always been a bit of a bluestocking. She prefers to read books and write stories; she even convinced her parents to send her to a fancy girls college to [...]

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American Exodus by JK Franks

Written as a novella and companion book to his Catalyst Series, author JK Franks has produced a post-apocalyptic gem. This read reader has not yet read any of the other books in this series but having read American Exodus in just under three days I am now compelled to reach for the other books in [...]

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