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Sean Goes To Barcelona by Tanya Preminger

Second in the series of Sean books, this adventure begins as eight year old Sean and his mommy travel to Barcelona to see his soccer hero Lionel Messi play in a Team Barcelona soccer game. Sean is also hoping to get an autograph from the professional soccer player. But getting close to the celebrity soccer [...]

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Jasper The Very Lucky Little Kitten by Ken MacKenzie

An enchanting tale of a fluffy white kitten with black feet that will engage your little readers while charming parents and grandparents alike. Follow the adventures of Jasper as luck helps him outrun a dog, rescues him several times, and ultimately saves him from being sold. Unique illustrations combine photography with artwork in a unique [...]

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Sean Wants To Be Messi by Tanya Preminger

Messi is an ace soccer player on the team from Barcelona. Young Sean dreams of one day becoming just like Messi. Sean would rather think about soccer than math problems any day. He doesn't like math but he sure does like soccer. When Sean's mommy grants his wish and pays for him to join a [...]

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If You Were A Butterfly by Sonja Nagy

This is the first book in Sonja Nagy’s Nature Adventure series; and if she continues on in this vein I believe these books, were they in print, would soon be highly collectible. In If You Were A Butterfly, exquisite pastel watercolor illustrations (done by the author) teach the young reader about the life and habits [...]

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The Fed-Up Cow by Peta Lemon (Childrens Book)

The Fed-Up Cow is a charming children's book that is both easy and fun to read. Told in rhyming sentences, this is the story of a lovely spotted brown cow who is unhappy with who she is. Surely life must be better as a fluffy sheep, or a pink piggy, or even a fine feathered [...]

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Grumpy Groundhog by Maureen Wright

When the groundhogs doesn't want to leave his bed the people of the town entice him with gifts.   Beautifully illustrated and done in poetic form.   A sweet story for bedtime to read to young children.   Rating:  5 stars

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The Rain King by Jason Edwards

Meet Jason. He is eight years old and in his mind he is a brave warrior who will take on adversity. On a stormy day, Jason finds himself not too happy as there is a tempestuous storm right outside his windows. As the sky grows darker and the thunder crashes, flashes of lightning cause the [...]

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Bianca: The Brave, Frail and Delicate Princess by Meg Welch Dendler

BIANCA: THE BRAVE, FRAIL AND DELICATE PRINCESS By Meg Welch Dendler BLOG TOUR I am proud to introduce a wonderful fairy-tale for children of all ages (1 - 101). Thirteen year old Princess Bianca of Pacifico has led a sheltered life. “Her father, King Dominic, loved her to the point of smothering.” She is tutored [...]

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Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester

If you're not yet a fan of Ronaldo you should be. Children of all ages will enjoy the continuing adventures of Ronaldo the reindeer in this charming children's series. In this second story Ronaldo and his friend Rudi continue their education at The Reindeer Flying Academy where they are second year students. Doing all of [...]

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