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This Fourth of July weekend finds me working on THE BRIDGEWATER LEGACY - Book #4 of The Bridgewater Chronicles. A short while back the ending of the series was revealed to me in a dream and so, unlike the other books in the series, I'm working backwards. This picture is one that is providing inspiration [...]

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10th Work Anniversary

I must admit I'm blessed.There aren't many people who get a shot at a second career - especially when it's doing something they love to do. For me that passion has always been writing. (Second only to reading.) For most of my adult life I didn't take the opportunity to find my writing voice - [...]

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Christmas Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, family, and friends a wonderful holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or the ever-popular Festivus (a la Seinfeld), I hope your celebration is a happy one. As a thank you to all of you, I have published a short Christmas story based [...]

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Musings on Reading

I came across an article on reading today entitled "33 thoughts on reading" by Austin Kleon written on October 17. A link to the full article is here. The article resonated with me on many levels but mostly because I review books I've read. Let me digress momentarily and say that I began reviewing books [...]

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Oak Cliff – Free Chapter

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I'm offering here the Prologue of OAK CLIFF: A TALE OF DARKNESS AND DESPAIR.    Prologue 1870 Inky darkness cloaked the bedroom as the gaunt figure of a man carefully drew back the layers of bedclothes from the flannel-clad, sleeping woman. With fingers rendered stiff and icy cold [...]

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Information Please

A friend sent this story to me in an email. It's called Information Please. For those of you old enough to remember dial up phones and operators, it will ring a bell (no pun intended). Somehow, I can't see our children or grandchildren knowing what this is about but maybe we can still teach them. [...]

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How To Stop Identity Theft

A while ago I attended a seminar on How To Stop Identity Theft put on by our locall Sheriff's Office. The representatives discussed many different scams that are targeted at senior citizens and gave us an overview on different ways that uncscupulous people try to take advantage of people. It was quite interesting and informative. [...]

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To The Moon and Back – Apollo 11

Forty-five years ago I had the awesome opportunity to watch as an American astronaut set foot on the moon. I remember that day as though it was yesterday. This was the week in 1969 that I, along with a work colleague, were on our first cruise. It was on Home Lines (now defunct) and the [...]

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