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A Celebration of Mediocrity

Excerpt from A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman:        "Nowadays people changed their stuff so often that any expertise in how to make things last was becoming superfluous. Quality: no one cared about that anymore.... No one could change tires. Install a dimmer switch. Lay some tiles. Plaster a wall. File their [...]

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Opening Lines

Every reader, and every author, knows that the way to draw you into a story is to have an intriguing yet easily understandable opening. For example, Charles Dickens opened his Tale of Two Cities with, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Without a great opening, or 'hook' in writers' [...]

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The Ugly Truth About Downton Abbey

It's over! There's no other way to say it. The televised run of Downton Abbey is over. Done. Finished. Of course you can buy or download the videos and replay them. But there will be no new episodes to watch. Will Lady Edith succeed in her role as Bertie's wife? Will Tom Branson turn into a [...]

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Bridgewater Holidays

  Christmas Wishes A Note from the Mistress of Bridgewater   As all of us here at Bridgewater prepare for the celebration of Christmas, I’m sure you can appreciate the organized chaos that heralds the approach of the holiday. Even as I sit in the library with pen in hand, I hear Head Steward Lawson [...]

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Coaching Budding Writers

On Wednesday, October 28th, I had the privilege to visit with approximately 80 students at the Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Gulf Breeze, FL. Thanks to the wonderful magic of Skype we all spent about an hour together. This year the students are writing short stories in the historical fiction genre and I was pleased [...]

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Quilt Comfort

What's more comforting than a quilt? Especially if its one that has been around for a while, seen many washings, and has that baby-blanket softness that we all adore. Quilts speak to our inner child as they evoke memories of afternoon naps, nighttime snuggles with a favorite book or maybe a pet. Most of us [...]

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This Fourth of July weekend finds me working on THE BRIDGEWATER LEGACY - Book #4 of The Bridgewater Chronicles. A short while back the ending of the series was revealed to me in a dream and so, unlike the other books in the series, I'm working backwards. This picture is one that is providing inspiration [...]

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