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Tripping Through Connecticut

This past week was a whirlwind of activity. From the moment we boarded our US Airways flight in Gainesville, Florida to the moment we set foot in our own home again seven days later it was non-stop movement.

This was our (hubby & I) first time flying out of Gainesville Airport and I must confess that […]

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Savin Rock – White City (Bridgewater Chronicles)

White City (or Savin Rock) is the setting for several  chapters of The Bridgewater Chronicles – my latest series of historical fiction. You will also recall that I shared some of my personal memories of Savin Rock with you in my book Valley Memories. Today, Savin Rock is long gone and all that remains is the […]

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Valley Memories – Now a Book!


I am extremely proud to announce the birth of my newest baby – Valley Memories: A Nostalgic Look at Growing Up in The Naugatuck Valley!


Author Marion Garbien Marchetto (a member of Polish Falcons Nest 208) was born and raised in the Lower Naugatuck Valley, a direct descendent of Polish immigrants who settled there. In Valley […]

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Marion’s Valley – Part 3

Winter in The Valley is a time of extremes. As Madam La Farge in Charles Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities says, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Let’s start with the best of times.

Whether young or old we waited through the November days to spot the first snowflakes of […]

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Marion’s Valley – Part 2

For those of us who grew up in The Valley, Thanksgiving was and still is a holiday steeped in tradition. As Thanksgiving is a wholly American holiday based on that wonderful feast back in 1621 that joined two extremely dissimilar peoples in one celebration it is no wonder that the differing cultures that populated The […]

Marion’s Valley

As some one who grew up in an old industrial town of the Northeast, I was not made aware of all of the history that surrounded me during my childhood. It took over fifty years and a move away from my home town for me to even begin to appreciate what I could not see […]