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Memorial Day Memories

In honor of Memorial Day, I've decided to share with you an excerpt from my book VALLEY MEMORIES: A Nostalgic Look At Growing Up in the Lower Naugatuck Valley. Here's the excerpt from the chapter titled May Memories.   Another special May memory is of the Derby-Shelton Memorial Day Parade. On parade day my dad [...]

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Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

While browsing through Facebook this morning, I came across a photo of an old button box. This brought to mind a chapter from my Valley Memories book. I'd like to share that chapter here with you. It originally appeared as a news column in 2008. If you enjoy this trip down memory lane, be sure [...]

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The Perfect Wife

It's amazing to me how things can change during one lifetime. Today's woman is as independent as she wishes to be. Most young girls growing up in this millennium and the majority of those born in the last thirty years of the 1900s will never know the transition of thinking that took place for those [...]

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Little Island off the Shore

For most of us in the over fifty-age group who grew up in Connecticut's Naugatuck Valley (Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, and Shelton) we lived for those summer weekends when we could go to the shore. For many of us that shore meant one of several places: Hammonasset State Park in Madison with its two miles of [...]

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Vocational Classes

Do any of you ladies remember the Home Economics Classes we had in high school? I'd be surprised if you don't remember those classes which we fondly referred to as Home Ec. I don't recall exactly what year I had those (freshman year or maybe sophomore) but I'm pretty certain it wasn't junior or senior [...]

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Do You Remember….

As students in the 1950s we were given a set of school books at the start of each school year. Each book had a number written on the inner front cover and our school nuns would dutifully make note of what numbers each of us were assigned. We were then charged with not only the [...]

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Cars with tail fins cruising down the streets by day or drag racing under the cover of darkness; Cousin Brucie, Murray The K, Wildman Steve Gallon, Mike Lawless, Rocky The Jockey – the DJ’s who brought life to our radios; the infancy of Rock ‘n Roll; cardigan sweaters, bobby socks; pony tails, pageboys, pompadours: all [...]

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Odd Jobs

I live in a neighborhood where home-ownership means lots of upkeep on our houses and yards. Those of us who qualify as aging baby-boomers now find ourselves in the position of hiring someone to help with yard work, mostly lawn mowing. While there are many neighbors with children, not one of those youngsters is even [...]

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