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A Quiet Time

January and February are like the deep breath we collectively take after the Christmas holidays have come and gone. With our houses now empty of the holiday decorations, our lives hopefully have settled into a normal routine once more. During these cold winter months we would snuggle into an afghan or old quilt while we [...]

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A World in Books

As an only child of two working parents, I was often left to occupy myself for hours on end. My after school hours were filled with homework assignments; but once those were completed I turned to books to fill the void until my parents came home. On sick days, I was allowed to watch television [...]

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Friendly Rivals

High school football rivalry has been around since the early 1900s. We’ve all aware of it even though we may not take part in playing the actual game. I don’t recall my dad ever missing the Derby-Shelton Thanksgiving game during my grammar school years. He would leave the house early in the morning and meet [...]

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My Friend Betsy

Although Betsy McCall was ‘born’ in the pages of McCall’s magazine in 1951, she didn’t become my friend until 1954. It was about that time that I was able to handle a pair of blunt, children’s scissors. When my mom first introduced me to the little paper girl who would become a playmate for me, [...]

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Dear Readers, I hope this letter finds you in good health and good circumstance. I can’t believe its been a month since we last got together. My how time does fly! In this modern age of technology, where almost everyone communicates via e-mail, text message, instant messaging, social media, and various other ways I must [...]

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Ask folks who grew up in the 1960s if they ever heard of Freedomland. This was an amusement park that was based on United States history. It opened on June 19, 1960 and closed about four years later. Freedomland was located in New York’s Bronx. I can’t remember how far from the Bronx Zoo though. [...]

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Left Turn, Right Turn

While driving to work this morning I was greeted by the sight of something I haven't seen in many years: the driver of the pick-up truck directly in front of me used his arm to signal a left turn. With so many advances in technology over the years I'm willing to bet that most drivers [...]

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The Simple Joys

As youngsters we didn't have computers, electronic games, iPods, or any of the other electronic gadgets to keep us amused. We had simple pleasures that, at the time, we didn't know were pleasurable. One of the most pleasurable things was hearing that final dismissal bell on the last day of school in mid-to-late June. Stretching [...]

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Celebrating the Month of May

Each girl who attended St. Michael's grammar school automatically became a 'Child of Mary'. As such, we were given a rosary, a holy medal of the Blessed Virgin, and a lovely blue ribbon on which to wear the medal. Mostly we were obligated to attend devotions where the rosary was prayed aloud and to partake [...]

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The Price of Beauty

Springtime is prom season. Any young lady who is asked to a prom certainly wants to look her best. That got me to thinking about the various methods that we ladies have used over the years to put our best face forward. For me, it began very early. I was most likely in kindergarten or [...]

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