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Look At the Birdie

From the time I was old enough to hold up my head I can recall that my dad was holding a camera for me to smile into. As proof of that I have boxes of old photos that chronicle my life from the time I was born. It only seemed natural therefore for me to [...]

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Music in The Air

When I was six years old I received a tiny pink plastic piano that had only one and a half octaves of notes. I’m sure this toy was meant only to soothe the musical curiosity that dwells in children. But I actually loved this toy – it was one of two whose memories have remained [...]

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My Mother’s Cookie Jar

Our kitchen counter was home to a large cookie jar that was molded into the shape of an apple. It stood about ten inches high and was topped by a lid made to resemble the leaves and stem of the fruit. It’s body was bright red in color and the leaves that formed the lid [...]

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The Man with The Black Satchel

Around the end of January and along into February most of us children were prone to catching colds. There was nothing so annoying as a stuffy nose, a scratchy throat, or being all cold and shivery. Since I rode the bus to school each day I was exposed to all sorts of germs and airborne [...]

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Something for Nothing

Throughout the decades there have been many types of sales promotions to entice the consumer into buying a certain product. One of my favorites as a child was Cracker Jack where inside each box there was a small toy of some kind. Another one that I recall was a powdered laundry detergent that tucked a [...]

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One Stop Shopping?

Does one size really fit all? That’s what I was thinking as I went about doing my holiday shopping this year, wandering the aisles of my local supercenter and jostling through the clusters of shoppers. When did we get to this point of impersonal shopping, with forty or fifty different stores (departments) under one giant [...]

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Christmas At Our House

Christmas morning didn’t hold for me as much fascination as did Christmas Eve. That is still true for me today. Maybe it is the anticipation of Christmas Day or the magic of night time with stars twinkling in a crisp, clear sky that makes Christmas Eve so very special. Or maybe it was simply the [...]

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What’s Your Favorite Treat?

As much as I love sweet treats, and there certainly are plenty of them around Halloween, the allure of a basket full of candy pales in comparison to that wonderful Italian treat known as pizza. My first pizza came from that hallmark of pizzerias – Roseland Apizza in Derby. I was most likely four or [...]

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Fair Weather

As an adult I loved going to the Big E (Eastern States Exposition). For weeks on end we see the billboards and hear the announcements on the radio telling us of special features and reminding us of the dates. Closer to home my favorites were the Guilford Fair, the Durham Fair, and of course the [...]

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More Summer Fun

The hot days of July and August bring to mind the simple pleasures we enjoyed in our youth. For those of my friends who owned bicycles it seemed there was nothing better than to ride their bikes through their neighborhood. For those of us who lived either in town or closer to town it playing [...]

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