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Summer Time Pleasures

The hot days of July and August bring to mind the simple pleasures we enjoyed in our youth. For those of my friends who owned bicycles it seemed there was nothing better than to ride their bikes through their neighborhood. For those of us who lived either in town or closer to town playing some [...]

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When the final school bell had been rung for the season and students were released for the summer, along came the daunting decision of what to do first with our free time. Each June the unencumbered days would stretch before us filled with all sorts of possibilities. For me, there was the dilemma of choosing [...]

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Memorial Day

My favorite May memory is of the Derby-Shelton Memorial Day Parade. On parade day my dad and I would walk the block and a half from our house to the parade route at the point where it turned from Howe Avenue onto Kneen Street. My dad would scope out the most likely spot for getting [...]

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Wash day typically meant watching mom hook up the wringer washer to the sink in our basement. She would add the detergent and turn on the faucet so that the tub could fill while she loaded in the laundry: hot water for my dad’s work clothes and our bathroom towels (two separate wash loads), warm [...]

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Easter Memories

Of all the memories I recall of Easters past (coloring eggs, baking bread, having the priest come to bless our house during Holy Week) the most overriding memory I have is shopping for The Easter Outfit. I’m sure that my boy cousins were also treated to new ensembles but for us girls this was an [...]

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Sweets of My Childhood

Every year for Valentine’s Day my dad would go out and purchase a large, heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates for my mom. When I was young (up till around age six or so), I would always ask if I could have the empty box because I simply adored all the ribbons and artificial flowers [...]

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When Milk Came in Bottles

Back in the early 1950s we didn’t have to shop for milk or cream separately. In those days both came in the same bottle with the cream rising to the top. Twice a week the milkman would leave fresh milk. The delivery was always the same: two quarts of milk in clear glass bottles with [...]

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