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Book Review: No Such Thing by Jackie French Koller

Do you remember the 'monster under the bed' from your childhood? Was the monster real? Or was it simply an overactive imagination come to life? Author Jackie French Koller looks at things from a different perspective. What if the little monster actually slept under the bed but was frightened of the boy who slept above [...]

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Book Review: James Clyde & The Diamonds of Orchestra by Colm McElwain

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series of books, then you will certainly enjoy James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra (first of a series of books). There are many similarities: an eleven year old orphan boy, his two friends - one boy and one girl, introduction of an 'other world' where James was born [...]

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Throwback Thursday: A Collection of Short Stories from W.B.M.S. by Heather Owens

Throwback Thursday is the product of a semester-long assignment given to middle school students wherein they wrote a short story based on history. This would be a daunting feat for an adult writer yet these students, under the guidance of editor and teacher Heather Owens, have produced a worthy project. The stories range in length [...]

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I’m Gonna Need A Pen edited by Heather Owens

    Are you a reader who looks to find the 'next best thing'? Always on the lookout for the newest cutting edge author? Then look no further than I'm Gonna Need a Pen. This small tome is a compilation of short stories written by middle school students who were given the assignment of taking [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Oliver and Jumpy Stories 4-6 by Werner Stejskal

I have many friends with grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I like to find new and different children's books to recommend. Let me be perfectly clear - I highly recommend the Oliver and Jumpy stories.Oliver is an elegant tuxedo cat and Jumpy is a kangaroo. They are best friends. Joey is Jumpy's baby kangaroo.In this, the [...]

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YA Book Review: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

This book review was written by Caitlin - a student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School. Introduce the book: This baby colt is born on a farm with his mom. Then when he grows he has to move away from his mom into a new home. Tell about the book but don't give away the ending: When the [...]

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