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Courage of The Heart by Christine Chatterton

This is the story of Haidee Wilson and Maurice Chatterton. It is the beginning of a love story that spanned almost seventy years. Courage of the Heart concentrates on the period from 1915, through World War I, through 1923.

“Based on letters found in the house of her husband’s grandmother, Christine Chatterton has masterfully crafted an intimate account of two families and four brothers from Western Illinois”. It is a timeless love story of separation, devotion, love, and faith; of hardships endured both on the battlefields of Europe and in the heartland of America.

Full of historical facts to round out the story, this is also a “true historical narrative of World War I”. This reader learned many things of which I had previously been unaware. Fans of history, as well as historical fiction, will find this true-life story a snapshot in time and an engrossing read.

Rating:  5 stars

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