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What A Difference A Duke Makes by Lenora Bell

Mari Perkins misses her appointment at Mrs. Trilby’s Agency for Superior Governesses thus losing a position she’d been promised. Finding herself near penniless, she overhears that a certain duke’s children have sent yet another governess packing. Miss Perkins presents herself on the duke’s doorstep. She proceeds to become a most clever governess and soon has the children in hand. The Duke of Banksford has recently learned that he is the father of twins resulting from an affair with a Parisian actress ten years earlier. The children arrived at the duke’s residence after being abruptly plucked from their home in France after their mother’s death and sent to London; they are faced with a father who keeps his distance causing them to feel unloved and unwanted. They rebel and are most unruly. But Miss Perkins, herself an orphan, understands these children and soon has them under control.

Miss Perkins stands up to the duke on behalf of the children even though her heart races every time she sees the wildly handsome duke. He notices Mari’s quiet beauty behind her assertiveness; and that that his children are now behaving and are more pleasant to be around. As Mari draws the duke into the world where she and his children reside, can he resist the temptation she unwittingly provides? And how does Mr. Lumley, the venerable toy-maker, figure into the story?

An enticing romp through London with plenty of twists to keep the reader engrossed in this splendid bit of romance.

Rating:  4 stars

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