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A Dragon in the Family by Jackie French Koller (Book Review)

Dragon in Family


When young Derek and his family bring a baby dragon named Zantor back to their village and into their home, he and his family become the victims of fear and bullying. People just don’t trust dragons. Surely it is a stupid move to bring one into their midst. The village elders that the dragonling may stay but certain provisions must be met. And at the first sign of trouble the dragonling will be put to death. Derek’s father grudgingly vouches for Zantor and it is decreed that if the dragonling causes even the slightest bit of trouble then Derek’s father will also die.

But some people can’t leave well enough alone and they set up a situation designed to cause problems with the dragonling. As a consequence Derek’s dad is tied to the stake and the flames are lit. Can Derek uncover the real culprits who have framed both the dragonling and his dad? Will he be too late?

Once again, the characters are easy to identify with and of course Zantor, the dragonling, is endearing and quirky. Detailed illustrations make the story come alive. A wonderful second book in the Dragonling Series. Young readers will be captivated by the adventure as they learn life lessons in an enchanting manner. Perfect chapter book for 7-10 year olds and other early readers. Great for parents or grandparents to read to younger children. I look forward to reading the remaining books in this series.

Rating:  M M M M M

Note:  Jackie French Koller (the author) is a high school classmate of mine. She has not provided me with these books nor has she requested that I review them. These are my honest reviews of books that I purchased. If you’re interested in other books by this author please check out her author page on Amazon:  Jackie French Koller   She has written a large number of books for children of all ages.

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