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The Dragonling by Jackie French Koller (Book Review)



I love dragons! Big, small, short, or tall. But baby dragons, or dragonlings, are the ultimate in cuteness for me. So when I found this series I was hooked. And the fact that it is written by a high school classmate of mine makes it extra special. Although written over a decade ago the story brings to life lessons that are timeless.

The Dragonling is an enchanting story of how a young boy, dreaming of going on his own dragonquest, finds a dragonling whose mother has been killed. Although the boy, Derek, has been taught to hate and fear dragons this dragonling tugs at his heartstrings. He decides to return the baby to the Valley of the Dragons, to his own kind. Along the way the two become friends and Derek names the dragonling Zantor. When at last the pair arrive at the Valley of the Dragons, Derek is amazed to learn that the dragons aren’t to be feared as he’d been taught. And the prospect of staying with the dragons is not what Zantor wants. Will the village folk, and Derek’s family, accept the dragonling into their midst?

A perfect story to help children learn that while we aren’t all alike externally, the same love beats in all hearts. Well told, easy to read, and full of likable characters, this story will charm readers of all ages. The dragons are endearing in their humanlike manner. Great read for ages 7-10 but also works as a read-to book for ages 4-6. Short chapters, detailed artwork.

Rating:  M M M M M

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