All of us daydream from time to time. Whether we stop working for a moment, or sit down with a cup of coffee or tea (or something a bit stronger), we often find ourselves yearning for something different or better to happen in our lives.

When I turned 55, I decided to do at least one thing each year that I hadn’t done before – sort of like a bucket list but with things that were really do-able. The first year was easy because that was the year we moved from Connecticut to Florida (where I’ve always felt I belonged). The following year I wanted to ride a bike. Now there’s a story behind that dream that I’d like to share.

As a child my mother was overly-protective. When my dad bought me a bike with training wheels I was ecstatic! I could navigate around our house with no problem. Even when he raised the training wheels an inch above the ground – no problem! That was when mother came flying out of the house, screaming about how I was going to fall and break my neck. That did it! I got frightened that I would fall and hurt myself. Dad tried to encourage me, and it worked for a while – until we took the training wheels off. That was when we all learned that I had no sense of balance whatsoever!!! End of bike riding; until I turned 57. Hubby and I went out and bought me a three-wheeled adult bike with a basket in the back. Now, we live on a totally flat street in a quiet sub-division. Very little traffic. I got on the bike, began to pedal, and froze because I was going 2 mph! Yikes. I’m better now though, I can do 5 mph without freaking out. Yes, I still hear mother’s voice in my head. But I DID IT!

My next dream was to publish a book – did that a couple of times over and still doing it. Now, the next one I have on my list is to try zip-lining. Big question mark on this one since I need to lose weight to do it. But hey, what’s the rush? Everybody needs a dream, don’t they?

Do you have dreams that you’ve been putting off? Break the list down. Pick the easiest one. Get going. Life will just pass you by otherwise.
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