Finding Closure When Reading

//Finding Closure When Reading

Finding Closure When Reading

Hey people ,

I was thinking that i am reading too many books these days n continuously, i pick the next book right after i finish one…

N so i am unable to reflect more on them or not remaining in their hang over….

So i am thinking to slow down reading n after finishing a book i should take a break of few days .. what you say ? How you read ?

The above post is from a Facebook group that I belong to. It got me to thinking about the books I read and how easy or dfficult it is to set down a book I’ve finished and move on to the next one, especially if there is a change in genre. I read each of the comments associated with the above passage – and there were quite a few – and realized that each reader has their own way of reaching closure with a book they’ve read. Most readers tend to easily pick up their next book and move forward.

There are, however, many readers who like to think about what they’ve read, perhaps looking to find a way to incorporate their latest tome with some area of their personal lives. My take on the situation was quite different. I posted the following response to the above passage:  Best way to give yourself closure with a book you’ve read is to leave a review. Doesn’t take long and pushes you to evaluate the book. Then move on to the next book.

I often encourage readers to leave book reviews for several reasons: you’re helping other readers; you’re helping the author, etc. But now I’m adding this new reason:  give yourself closure after you’ve read a book. This is an easy way to relive the best parts of what you’ve read, really think about them as you write a short summary, point out any flaws or imperfections on the author’s part, and even praise the author if you feel it is warranted.

Personally I’ve written over two hundred and fifty reviews (250+) and each one gives me a personal sense of satisfaction knowing that I have taken the time to set down my feelings in my own words. It’s almost like a self-pat on the back that tells me it’s okay to let go of this friendship (between me and the book) and move on to something new and challenging – a sense of a job well done. And although most folks leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads or your personal blog, you can leave your review anywhere other readers gather.

So once more, let me urge you to:  Be kind to your fellow-readers (and to yourself), leave a review of a book you’ve read.


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  1. Carol Pendagast January 24, 2018 at 1:07 am - Reply

    Well said Marion

    • Marion Marchetto January 24, 2018 at 2:46 pm - Reply

      Thanks Carol.

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