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When last we left Mona she had just managed to survive her first full day of retirement. Her story continues:

Mona spent the next two days nursing her sore back while she sat quite still in front of her newest purchase – her wide screen television. Fortunately, she loved movies and had an extensive collection of DVDs from which to choose. Many she kept on hand for the times when her two young granddaughters came to visit. She was watching one of her favorite comedies when the phone beside her rang. Pausing the movie she answered on the second ring.
“Hey mom, how are you?”
“Hi, Cary. Nice of you to call.”
“Just checking to see how you’re liking the life of leisure now that you don’t need to work every day.” His voice was upbeat, most likely envying his mother’s position in no longer having to go to work each day.
“I’m lovin’ every minute,” replied Mona. “I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.”
“That’s great to hear. So what have you been doing.”
“Oh, all kinds of things. Finally got rid of some old clothes from the back of my closet.” Even though it had only been the pink spandex jogging outfit Mona figured that qualified as old clothes. “Sorted through my DVDs and thought maybe you’d like to take some so your girls could have them at home.”
“No thanks, mom. We’ve got too much stuff around here already.”
“How’s Janice doing?”
“Your favorite daughter-in-law is fine. She’s feeling better these days now that the morning sickness is behind her.”
“Tell her I was asking after her, okay.”
“We’ll bring the girls over on Sunday if that’s okay with you.”
“Of course, I love having Crystal and Angel over here.”
“Great. See you Sunday then.”
Mona pressed the off button on the phone and set it down.  Both of her granddaughters were at a very inquisitive age and she wondered what she could do to get them interested in maybe some kind of craft for Sunday afternoon. The remainder of the movie played on the screen while Mona’s mind was working. She finally decided on something with beads since the two girls loved jewelry.
The very next day Mona got herself into her late model Camaro and headed for the local craft store. She searched around for a project for her two granddaughters and had a basket full of beads, wire, and what-nots in under an hour. As she was headed for the checkout line she spotted a beautiful wreath made of sea shells and decided that it would look lovely in her living room. But the price tag of just over one hundred dollars caused her to blanche.
“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” inquired a sales associate who had noticed Mona’s interest in the wreath.
“Yes, quite lovely, but I wouldn’t spend a hundred dollars for it.”
“Actually, you can make one for about half that cost. We have everything you need here.”
“Now that sound like a project I’d love to do. Show me what you’ve got!”
Sometime later Mona eased her Camaro into her small garage and hauled her purchases into the kitchen. She separated the craft items for the girls and rebagged them, stashing them in a cupboard. Moving methodically, Mona then separated the different kinds of seashells that she had purchased. There was quite a mix as there were many that had caught her eye. In the center of the table she placed the round wood cut-out that would serve as the base. Nearby she line up her tools: a hot glue gun, paper towels, tweezers for picking up the smaller shells. Feeling as though she had accomplished something major she stood back and surveyed the table. Working on a new project always made her feel great, and hungry.
Checking the contents of her fridge she decided against anything that would take too long to prepare. In the end she settled for some ice cream that she ate right out of the container. Before long, Mona had the glue gun fired up and was working on her masterpiece. After a couple hours of being bent over and gluing the shells to the form, Mona’s back began to give her trouble again. A dull ache from being in one position no doubt. She packed away her gear for the day and stood back to look at her progress. Most of the shells that she’d purchased were already glued to the wreath form and it still looked quite bare. Tomorrow would most certainly see her returning to the craft store  for more supplies.
Late the following morning Mona returned home from the craft store with a box containing every kind of shell she could find. This time she was determined not to run short. For the next two days Mona and her glue gun were inseparable. It was late on Saturday afternoon that her work of art was complete and she admired it from afar all of that evening. She would have Cary, her son, hang it for her when he and his family stopped by on Sunday.
Cleaning up the mess from her shell project, she decided that there was still time to set up things for her craft session with seven year old Crystal and five year old Angel. Perhaps her daughter-in-law might join the fun as well.
Once again Mona’s tummy signaled that it was in need of food so, after checking the contents of her freezer, Mona plucked out a frozen dinner and nuked it. Ten minutes later the container was empty and Mona was still hungry. Scrounging through her cupboards she realized that she hadn’t been grocery shopping that week so off she went to her nearest Super Wal-Mart and loaded up on all sorts of goodies. A nice custard pie, some chocolate chip cookies for her granddaughters,a half-gallon of cherry ice cream, whipped cream, and an assortment of fruit just in case her daughter-in-law had a craving for strawberries like she had last week. When all of this had been unpacked and put away Mona sank gratefully into her recliner and promptly dozed off, waking only long enough to shuffle off to sleep in her bedroom as Pete called out “Pretty Boy, Goodnight, Pretty Boy”.
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