Great Group of Characters

//Great Group of Characters

Great Group of Characters

These are some of the folks who populate the Village of Stafford in my latest book, COMING HOME TO LOVE.

Lady Henrietta Stafford (Hetty)

At 63 years of age, Henrietta Stafford’s life is finally her own. Last living descendant of Baron Landon Stafford, she believes the line will die with her.  Always careful to observe the rules of etiquette, Henrietta set aside her own desires as a young woman to care for her ailing father. But when her brother, the heir apparent, dies, he leaves two very young daughters. It is up to Henrietta to raise them.Once the girls are married and settled, it’s Henrietta’s turn. She wants nothing more than to retire to her country home, tend her garden, read the books in her library, and to perhaps travel a bit. But Henrietta, or Hetty as she’s known to friends, finds retirement anything but peaceful. As outspoken and practical as most women her age, Henrietta fills her days with hard work and simple pleasures. Amidst her exploits she even finds time to rekindle an old love with the man she’s never forgotten.


Elmont Newland (Monty)

Monty is the son of the village cobbler. He first met Henrietta when she was 17 and it was love at first sight for him. But he was several years older and saw the wisdom in first establishing a friendship. That friendship turned to something closer but neither young Hetty nor Monty dared to call it love, yet. When she took off for London to care for her nieces, Monty wrote to her but his letters went unanswered. As weeks turned into months then into years without word from Hetty, he moved on with his life. Eventually taking over the cobblery from his father, Monty devoted himself to his work. Now, 36 years later, Hetty shows up in his shop unannounced. What a fellow to do?


Cynthia Marais (a.k.a. Odilia Dodd)

As Lady Stafford is leaving London, she offers safe passage to a young woman running away from an odious man. When the girl announces that her name is Odilia and she’s a runaway slave, Henrietta vows to help her. She gives the girl a new name – Cynthia Marais – and passes her off as the ward of a far distant cousin.


Percy Carver

Percy is the younger brother of Kent Carver, owner of The Nesting Dove Pub and Coaching Inn. Upon her return to the Village of Stafford, Lady Henrietta hires the young man to assume the job of caretaker and stable-master at Stafford Hall. Percy is happy in his new role, especially since he’s never really felt like part of his brother’s family. But there’s far more to Percy than even he knows.


Captain Edgar Whiteside

Master of the Albatross, a sturdy vessel that plies the trade route from England to the British West Indies. A true man of the sea, he plays a pivotal role in Lady Henrietta’s life.


These are the main characters in COMING HOME TO LOVE. There are several more characters who offer their talents in making Henrietta’s life interesting.

I had lots of fun writing their stories and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them.

COMING HOME TO LOVE is the first book in my Second Chance At Love series. Available in print or ebook versions. Learn more here: COMING HOME TO LOVE.





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