Have You Forgotten How To Read?

//Have You Forgotten How To Read?

Have You Forgotten How To Read?

The other day I came across an article that caused me to stop in my tracks. The article challenged me on many levels but what appealed to me is that its author spoke of how the way we read has changed. Because of the steady stream of information that is thrown at us in today’s world we find ourselves backing away from reading the old-fashioned way, one story or article at a time without a scrolling of news or advertisements bombarding our subconscious. Are we as a society moving away from reading (and good grammar, spelling, etc) and becoming merely a society that communicates in whatever shorthand is trendy at the moment?

The article I refer to is entitled “I have forgotten how to read” and is written by Michael Harris for the Globe and Mail Inc. Here is a snippet:

“Turning, one evening, from my phone to a book, I set myself the task of reading a single chapter in one sitting. Simple. But I couldn’t. There was nothing wrong with my eyes. No stroke or disease clouded my way. Yet – if I’m being honest – the failure was also not a surprise.”

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I hope you’ll take the time to read Mr. Harris’ opinion article and see what you think. Are we forgetting how to read?

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