Hidden Scales by A.M. Robin (Book Review)

//Hidden Scales by A.M. Robin (Book Review)

Hidden Scales by A.M. Robin (Book Review)

When she first notices the silvery scales on her foot, eleven-year-old Mira panics. It’s bad enough that some of her classmates call her ‘Toad’ and treat her with disdain. If they see her scaly foot, they will become merciless. But when her true friend Peter notices the funny rash on Mira’s foot, an ancient curse is triggered. And later, when Mira sees an old music box on a store shelf, she opens it despite signs warning ‘Do Not Touch’. In so doing, she releases the SilverMist. Little does she know that only a Merrow can open the box. Then comes the news that a flying horse has been spotted and that people are disappearing from the neighboring town.

Mira tells Peter of these recent events and he is now endangered even further, just for knowing about them. And when the Shadowveils begin their treacherous pursuit of the two youngsters, they are rescued by an outcast scholar and a young boy who guide a flying horse named Eola. What transpires next is pure fantasy. The children must leave their homes and their families while they try to locate the missing people being held captive by the Shadowveils. But to do this, Mira and Kay (the other young boy) must learn to harness their powers, for they are both Merrows. Tales of bravery and daring abound in Hidden Scales. Powers are discovered and harnessed. But will the two young Merrows be in time to save not only those held prisoner but the entire kingdom?

If you like your fairy tales with villains, adventure, gnomes, and even a fire-breathing dragon, then Book 1 of the Merrows series is for you. Hidden Scales dishes up all these wonderful things with a dash of reality thrown in. A great chapter book that will keep your middle-school reader enthralled. Although a bit slow in spots for this reader, young readers will enjoy the adventures of Mira and her friends.

The author provided me with an ARC of this book.

Rating: 4 stars

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