Hidden Secrets of 201 Atwater – Released & Now Available

//Hidden Secrets of 201 Atwater – Released & Now Available

Hidden Secrets of 201 Atwater – Released & Now Available

I am proud to announce the release of HIDDEN SECRETS OF 201 ATWATER. Originally published in 2005 as simply 201 Atwater, I’ve updated the story, added a new beginning and a new ending. Plus, I’ve lowered the price to $8.49 for the print version and $3.79 for the ebook. More content for your dollar!

For those not familiar with the story (which is narrated by the house itself), it is the story of Max and Winnie Milionas and of the house they inherit. Max wants to liquidate it but Winnie senses there is more to the house than meets the eye. Winnie’s suspicions are confirmed by in-depth research and plans are made to restore the house to its splendor. Along the way, we are treated to glimpses back in time through the house’s memories; we meet a broad range of characters going back in time to the late 1700s. Among the most memorable characters are Merline Madagascar, a house whisperer of sorts, and Caroline Woodruff – the most enduring of all the house’s occupants.

The story is set in the historic Fair Haven area of New Haven, Connecticut and is based on the actual house that belonged to my in-laws.  In fact, it was the stained glass window on the stairway landing that I fell in love with. Another interesting fact is that my husband and I lived on the second floor of the house after we were first married. There will always be a special place in my memories of the good times we had when we lived there. The house is still standing on Atwater Street although the address is not 201. Here is a picture of what the house actually looks like today:

Atwater #1 (2)



When Max Milionas inherits his family home at 201 Atwater Street in New Haven, Connecticut, he is determined to sell it as soon as possible. However, he and his wife quickly discover that the residence has a history that is begging to be told.With the house itself as narrator, author Marion Marchetto weaves an enchanting tale set in one of New Haven’s most historic districts. Max and his wife Edwina research the history of the old house at the town clerk’s office and the extensive libraries of Yale University. They soon uncover clues that lead them through a series of secrets hidden for the past two hundred years. Max and Edwina team up with Merline Madagascar, an interior designer who specializes in historical restorations, but who also possesses the innate ability to communicate with old buildings. Working together, they lovingly restore the house to its original, beautiful condition and finally free its untold secrets.Does the history of this house hold a promise for the twenty-first century? The key to unlocking that mystery may prove that history sometimes comes full circle, welcoming everyone home again.

Those readers who are familiar with Connecticut will recognize many of the locales in HIDDEN SECRETS OF 201 ATWATER. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the updated version whether it is for the first time or a revisit. And as always, thanks for your support!





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