The Ice Dragon by Lauren Scharhag

//The Ice Dragon by Lauren Scharhag

The Ice Dragon by Lauren Scharhag

Kenny Vogel and his mom aren’t rich. In fact living comfortably is something that they can only aspire to. In an effort to cope with zero to no expectations of enjoying the Christmas season, Kenny has taught himself to hate the holiday. It seems that while his mom works evenings at a restaurant Kenny spends time home by himself. But on this particular Christmas Eve his mom’s restaurant is catering a posh event at the local high-end shopping mall, she invites him to come along. Of course he’ll have to stay put in the break room but hey, they’ve got tv, right? As Kenny realizes that he’s on his own for several hours he decides to explore a bit and steps out into the empty first level of the mall. He is drawn to the happy sounds at the top of the escalator where the party is underway and sneaks almost to the top where he spies a pretty young girl, about his own age. Too late! She’s spotted him and she’s the daughter of the guy who owns the mall. Kenny turns and runs and just when he thinks he’s safe, she finds him. Together they make their own party, running through the mall and ending up on a snow-covered balcony where Gracie places holly-wreaths on their heads. At that moment, the railing begins to move and becomes the tiniest of dragons. That’s when the adventure begins!

Author Lauren Scharhag packs a lot of action and adventure within the pages of this short yet magical book. Primarily written for youngsters, it is an endearing story that parents and grandparents will enjoy as well. The descriptive passages bring to life the dragon’s lair and the ice swan and this reviewer wanted the story to go on. So will you!

Rating:  5 stars


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