In Its Right Time: A Story of Destined Love by Kathleen Shapona

//In Its Right Time: A Story of Destined Love by Kathleen Shapona

In Its Right Time: A Story of Destined Love by Kathleen Shapona

In Its Right Time


Amazon Synopsis: Roxanne Gavric’s parents both passed away on the same day, five years apart, January 23rd, within the same hour. Her father, Jake died first and her mother Janelle died five years later to the day within the same hour. Roxanne, their youngest daughter, believes that her mother held on for that exact date so that a portal would open and her father could come back for his one true love. While closing the home where she and her two sisters grew up, Roxy comes across the letters her father wrote to her mother when they were young adults, newly married and temporarily living apart. Reading these letters and having lost faith in love, Roxanne yearns to know more about her parents’ younger years. She travels back to her parents’ hometown of Sharon, Pennsylvania, on the anniversary of their death. Minutes outside of the city, a car accident occurs leaving her unconscious. She awakens in Sharon hospital and soon realizes, somehow she has made her way to the year 1946. Once there, she meets her parents as young adults and begins a journey that will lead her to her true destiny.

My Review:  How many of us would like to know more about the love story of our parents? Or to know what our parents were like in their youth? Both of these wishes belong to Roxanne Gavric, the central character of In Its Right Time. Roxy is one of three daughters who have finally laid their parents to rest and while both of her sisters have found love, settled down, and are raising families Roxy has yet to find Mr. Right. She’s made several attempts at relationships but somehow they all have a fatal flaw. In order to calm her chaotic mind, Roxy decides to visit her parents’ hometown of Sharon, Pennsylvania. Oddly enough, the only day available to get a flight (without waiting several weeks) is on January 23rd, the one year anniversary of her mother’s passing and the six year anniversary of her dad’s death. Her trip is uneventful and she has almost reached her destination – her aunt’s house – when she runs through a traffic light and awakens in the hospital. She’s fine although shaken from the event, but finds that she has gone back in time to the year 1946. Her parents are young newlyweds though separated by distance as her father is in California trying to find a home for his wife. Her mom is still in town and in short order Roxy is befriended by the young woman (her mom) and they become friends. In the end, all turns out well as Roxy comes to understand so much more about the private woman her mother became in later life. Does Roxy find Mr. Right? In which decade? The answers are all in this charming love story.

I found this love story to be just the perfect little book for those of us looking for a romantic escape. It has a solid story (although some parts could have used a bit more in-depth explanations). The characters were developed well but in a couple of instances – the character of Helen, for example – we could have used a bit more of her sweet side as well as her dark side. Scene transitions were seamless. I would have liked for a bit more description of the family home back in the 1940s but that is personal taste.

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut offering from this author. We each have a story to tell and Ms. Shapona has told her’s admirably. I recommend this relatively short novel as a light read, perfect for summer vacation or a day at the pool.

Rating: M M M M

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