The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (Book Review)

//The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (Book Review)

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (Book Review)

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The Infinite Sea


It’s a fact that the second book of any series is normally not as compelling as the first. The Infinite Sea lived down to that expectation. When we left Cassie Sullivan at the end of book one, I couldn’t wait to dive into book two. But instead of picking up the story line, the thrust shifted to a continuation in the voice of Ben (Zombie) and moved on to tell the story of Ringer, who at best, was a secondary character in book one. While Cassie is among the mix of characters the action doesn’t really begin until about mid-way through the book. By book’s end, however, I was ready to pick up book three (not yet published). If the reader realizes that The Infinite Sea is the bridge between the beginning (book one) and the end of the tale (book three), they he/she will not be disappointed.


By the end of the book, we lose a few of the characters (are they really dead?). Cassie has come to realize that her young brother now is more a man than a five-year-old child. Ben (Zombie) surprises even himself when he finds he is capable of more than he ever dreamed. Dumbo remains a steadfast medic. Two unlikely heroes emerge in this book:  Evan, the human/alien, and Poundcake, the chubby boy who gives his all.


A solid second book in The 5th Wave series.


Rating:  M M M M

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