Live Long And…What I Learned Along The Way by William Shatner

//Live Long And…What I Learned Along The Way by William Shatner

Live Long And…What I Learned Along The Way by William Shatner

William Shatner seems to have led a charmed life. But if you listen closely to his words in Live Long And… you’ll understand that charmed is not how he describes his life. Having had a fright from cancer (he conquered it), Mr. Shatner has opened his heart to his fans and tells of the trials and tribulations of his life. It wasn’t an easy life. Born to Jewish immigrants who settled in Canada, his father taught him the frugal life style, assuming that his son would follow him into business. But when Bill expressed his desire to become an actor his father supported his decision – didn’t like it but supported his son.

Through the peaks and valleys of life Bill Shatner has maintained an open-mindedness that has kept him gainfully employed – not always as an actor. The reader is treated to the exceptional life philosophies of Bill Shatner. His response to ‘how to lead a long life’ is ‘keep living’. Family is at the core of this noteworthy man and along the way he has learned that family is what keeps everything in perspective.

Fans of Mr. Shatner will revel in this book. It is good reading and one can almost hear the words being spoken in his inimitable voice. While some of the material in this book has been told in his previous works, they bear repeating.

Following is an excerpt: “And after living all my years, after all I have seen and done and learned, after sorting through an array of principles and personal ethics, I have come to believe that making that mark, that leaving behind some slight evidence that proved you were here, matters most of all”.

Although Mr. Shatner has gone through life (all eighty-seven years of it) hoping to leave his mark in some small way, with Live Long and… he has added another brick to the monument of his life. This book is a testament to the man himself, giving us an insider’s look at his personal and most vulnerable self.

Rating:  4.5 stars

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