Opening Lines

Opening Lines

Every reader, and every author, knows that the way to draw you into a story is to have an intriguing yet easily understandable opening. For example, Charles Dickens opened his Tale of Two Cities with, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Without a great opening, or ‘hook’ in writers’ terminology, the reader will try to settle into the book and sometimes that may take any number of pages. A good opening line(s) will draw the reader into the action and make him an eye-witness to what is happening or about to happen. Good openings don’t just happen – well, sometimes they do – they take work and several drafts before they are just right. After six rounds of edits I believe that I have a good opening to The Bridgewater Legacy. As this is the final book in The Bridgewater Chronicles series, I wanted to be sure I brought the loyal reader right back to the series story-line as well as draw new readers into my work. In that vein, I would like to share with you the opening lines:

“We are shaped by the people and events that came before us: their likes and dislikes, their choice of life partner, the vocations they chose, the events they took part in or caused to happen, and the legacies they left behind. I inherited one hell of a legacy.”

The above words are spoken by Regina Newkirk as she begins the final chapters of The Bridgewater Chronicles.

I welcome your comments and thoughts about my choice of opening lines.

Watch for The Bridgewater Legacy to be available by late December!


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