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Overseas by Beatriz Williams (Book Review)

I finally pulled this book down from my bookshelf where it has sat for the past three years. I am delighted to say I have found a wonderful new author (at least new to me). Overseas is the debut novel of Beatriz Williams and it is a time travel book unlike any other I’ve read.

There are two main characters separated by time and distance. But are they really separated? We first meet Kate Wilson in New York in 2007. She is a Wall Street analyst who relies heavily on logic and cynicism. She can’t explain why she has suddenly fallen head over heels in love with the handsome and mysterious billionaire Julian Laurence. But love has no reason and Kate soon finds herself romantically linked with the reclusive money-maker. We are next introduced to Captain Julian Ashford. We meet him on the Western Front of World War I in Amiens, France where he is waylaid in the town square by a beautiful young American woman named Kate. They’ve never met but she appears to have information regarding the mission he’s about to undertake. Although they spend a mere twenty-four hours together he learns her secret – which is also his. What we soon learn is that Julian Ashford a.k.a. Julian Laurence is in Amiens waiting for Kate who will ultimately save his life.

A slow start to the story should not deter the reader. The action moves between the two eras seamlessly with little to no jarring effect. Characters’ lives are intertwined throughout and not until almost the end do all the puzzle pieces fall into place. So what does a World War I war hero have in common with a billionaire hedge fund honcho? And how does Kate fit into both of his worlds?

I was riveted by the story and the multi-layered characters. The handsome Julian Laurence is truly swoon-worthy and is every girl’s dream guy. Kate is young, aggressive, independent, and courageous while being the girl of Julian’s dreams. As she uncovers Julian’s secret past, she must travel back in time to save the life they have built together in the present. Will she arrive in time? Can she convince a younger Julian that she has only good intentions? Will they both return to the present or remain in 1916?

A truly enchanting romance that is not what you’ll expect. Highly recommended.

Rating:  4 Stars

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