Penny by Peter Davidson

//Penny by Peter Davidson

Penny by Peter Davidson

PENNY by Peter Davidson follows the journey of a single the one cent piece, that lowliest of coins. But Penny isn’t just your average one cent piece. Penny is the last one of its kind minted of 95% copper back in 1982, bright and shiny and new. Courtesy of Penny’s narration the reader can follow along as Penny sets off on its adventures as it leaves the Denver Mint. And oh the adventures it has! Explorers of old would be envious of the way Penny moves along at a fast pace before settling in one spot for some time and moving on again. The people, places, and things that Penny meets and sees would fill volumes, especially as Penny seems like a chatterbox.

Following Penny’s exploits is like taking a roller-coaster ride, full of fun and thrills before catching your breath only to experience the exuberance of life once more before coming to rest. Author Peter Davidson does a fine job of recounting Penny’s adventures and keeping the reader entertained. His writing is witty and concise. The different types of situations that Penny encounters are diverse and interesting. It is a story that can be easily read while traveling or enjoyed while sipping lemonade on your front porch.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but would have liked for several of the stories to go on a bit longer. But the nature of the penny is to keep on moving and so must the reader.

Rating:  4 Stars


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