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     Historical fiction author Marion Marchetto is a native of Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley where she grew up along the banks of the Housatonic River. It is here, and in the neighboring area of New Haven, that Ms. Marchetto sets her stories. Both areas are central to local, and in some cases national, history; this history is reflected upon in Ms. Marchetto’s story-telling. Through her writing Marion hopes to instill in her readers a desire to learn more about the history of where they live and/or were born while reliving the romance and adventure of times gone by.
     As a child Marion learned the art of storytelling from her parents who spent countless evenings recalling their own family histories. Marion also turned to the books on her mother’s bookshelf. It was a book from the 1920s on manners and etiquette in entertaining that she often returned to when other reading material was lacking.
     Marion Marchetto has been a freelance writer since the 1990s. Her publishing credits include several interactive murder-mystery games, a monthly newscolumn, nine novels, and several short stories. She regularly posts reviews of books she’s read on her blog, Marion’s Bookshelf, along with interviews of other authors and her general life observations.
    Ms. Marchetto attended the University of Bridgeport as well as Southern Connecticut State College (both in Connecticut) where she followed a Liberal Arts program. Formally trained in public speaking, she has been an invited speaker at several Florida middle schools during Literacy Week; she has also mentored writing classes for middle school students.
     Her popular series, The Bridgewater Chronicles, is a five-book family saga set in and around Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley. It has been called “America’s Downton” by many and has a large following. Marion’s newest book (work currently in progress) will draw on her knowledge of history to follow the story of two young European immigrants and their journey to America in the early 1900s.
     To keep up with news about Marion and her work please follow her on YouTube (monthly updates), her blog and/or her newsletter