Quilt Comfort

Quilt Comfort

What’s more comforting than a quilt? Especially if its one that has been around for a while, seen many washings, and has that baby-blanket softness that we all adore. Quilts speak to our inner child as they evoke memories of afternoon naps, nighttime snuggles with a favorite book or maybe a pet. Most of us can remember climbing into our bed and having our mom or grandmom tucking us in for the night and pulling that quilt over us – an extension of their love and caring. Many of our moms made quilts out of our old clothes. My mom would cut motifs from dresses I outgrew as a child as well as from shirts, blouses, sheets, and pillow cases. It was comforting when I was older to sit with a quilt my mom made for me and touch the individual pieces of fabric, each bringing to mind an article of clothing and the memories of when and where I had worn it. That particular quilt is long gone, having become threadbare and useless. Today’s quilts aren’t so much handmade as they are commercially available. And the cost of a handmade quilt is often three or four times the cost of one commercially mass-produced. Today’s quilts are more color-coordinated to match curtains or other linens. I recently went looking for a new quilt on-line and found several that I want to share with you. Which is your favorite? 7936717136_6c02b3b331_b

This quilt pattern is very similar to the one my mom made for me.

20120717 Patchwork quilt-2

Typical patchwork quilt.


Sample of a rag quilt.

Callington+Quilt+Set by Laura Ashley

Ready made quilt available from Laura Ashley.

Sonoli-Quilted-Coverlet-Set-by Madison  Park

Lovely purple and white quilt set available at Wayfair.com

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