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The Rain King by Jason Edwards

Meet Jason. He is eight years old and in his mind he is a brave warrior who will take on adversity.

On a stormy day, Jason finds himself not too happy as there is a tempestuous storm right outside his windows. As the sky grows darker and the thunder crashes, flashes of lightning cause the lights in the house to go out. His mother lights a candle and together they snuggle on the couch. But there is danger lurking outside and Jason must save his mother. She has been captured by the evil Rain King. Gaining control over his fears Jason fights a two-headed dragon, defeats the evil king’s minions, and saves his mother when the sun returns to the sky.

The Rain King is a charming story, complete with colorful illustrations, that will charm youngsters and teach them to face their fears instead of cowering in a dark corner. Four short chapters to the story will engage the young reader and take him or her on an adventure. The conclusion hints at the possibility of more escapades to come. Vocabulary used is geared toward a self-reading child in grades four or five.

Note:  I requested this book from the author so that I could read and review it.

Rating: 4.5 stars


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