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The Rakehell’s Seduction by Lauren Smith

Ambrose Worthing may be a cold-hearted rake with a reputation that has marriage minded mamas hiding their daughters; but when he learns of a wager placed on the betting books of White’s gentlemen’s club that will result in the public ruination of the Earl of Rockford’s daughter he is compelled to intervene. He accepts the wager, rationalizing that his seduction of the young woman would be kinder than if she were to fall prey to some other ruthless scoundrel. Although Worthing has no idea what the intended victim looks like (he hasn’t seen her since she was a young child), he sets about renewing his acquaintance with the Earl – a longtime friend of his father. The earl invites Worthing to spend several weeks in the country and Worthing readily accepts, knowing he can accomplish his goal more easily in the countryside.

Lady Alexandra Rockford has vowed never to marry nor fall in love. Although it is several years since she’d been jilted by Marshall Clifford who chose to marry instead a wealthy London socialite, Alexandra (Alex to her friends) still nurses a broken heart and thus shuns London and the ton. She and like-minded friend Perdita Darby enjoy the local dances and festivities until the night that Worthing shows up. Alex and Ambrose meet at a dance and without benefit of knowing who the other is are immediately attracted to each other. Imagine Alex’s surprise in learning that the most handsome man she’s seen is Ambrose Worthing, a notorious rake whose reputation is known even in the countryside. Imagine Worthing’s surprise when the bold and beautiful minx who captivates him is none other than the one he’s agreed to seduce for money. He’d been expecting a mousy and unattractive young miss. What neither suspects is that love holds all the cards in this hand, although the dangerous and almost destitute Viscount Darlington is the wild card. A carefully scripted and tightly-woven plot make The Rakehell’s Seduction a joy to read.

This reviewer read the ebook edition and was discouraged when the story ended little more than half-way through the purchased edition. The remainder of the space was given over to three chapters of another of the author’s works. This should have been billed as a novella.

Rating:  4 Stars

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