Re-Issue of Stairway To My Heart

//Re-Issue of Stairway To My Heart

Re-Issue of Stairway To My Heart

For quite some time I have been unhappy with the way Stairway To My Heart (Book 1 of The Bridgewater Chronicles) has been presented. The original publisher priced it much to high for those readers who have limited funds. Also, I noticed several typos that needed to be corrected. But because I used a vanity press to publish the book, it would have cost me money to make those changes and the price would have remained the same. Subsequent books were published through CreateSpace Publishing Platform and I was able to set the pricing for the books – keeping in mind the pocketbooks of my readers. With the other four books of The Bridgewater Chronicles published through CreateSpace, I took the initiative and pulled Stairway To My Heart from the original publisher. It has taken some time to get things all squared away, but it is done.

Stairway To My Heart is joining its siblings and all five books will be available from one source. They will still be available on Amazon, B&N, etc.

I am currently waiting for my proof copy (print edition) to arrive. However, the Kindle edition is now available for pre-order. Prices are lower, there are no more typos, and most importantly there is an additional chapter with a new ending to the story. You can pre-order the new edition here:  Stairway Second Edition  Purchase now and it will automatically be sent to your device on September 12, 2018.

The newly re-designed cover courtesy of Rick Loe Creative Design.

Print edition will be available later in September.

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