Recent Discovery Leads to More Books

//Recent Discovery Leads to More Books

Recent Discovery Leads to More Books

Cleaning files can be rewarding. But the work involved can be daunting. Especially after you’ve changed residences.

Six years ago I officially retired from my day job. We picked up stakes and moved south. Upon arrival there was the usual chaos and everything was stowed away for the time being. That was before I wrote the Bridgewater Chronicles. And now, six books later, I deemed it time to purge the depths of the file drawers and clean house. It’s taken almost a week of 8-hour days to accomplish this and while I was knee deep in file folders and 3-ring binders and my hubby finally got the shredder to burn out I made a major discovery:  I found the compressed file with all the original work on my first three books.

Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but when I was faced with the daunting task of having to retype the files, I was overwhelmed. That would have been over 600 pages to be typed and re-formatted. With a new book currently in the editing/writing stage this seemed like more than I wanted to tackle.  With minor adjustments and maybe some new content, I believe these three books will be available by summer. There will be minor name changes as well but all your old friends – especially Merline Madagascar – will be back. In case you’re wondering, the reason behind the relaunch is two-fold.

First, I wanted to bring these original works back under my control – they were first published by a vanity press. Second, because they were written in the early 2000s, it is time to refresh the content. I had hoped last year to retype the works but health issues were on the front burner. Before anything else occurs, it is my hope that this goal can be accomplished by mid-year 2019.

In other news, work on Coming Home To Love is progressing. The story is moving along at a fast pace and with 2-3 more chapters I should have the newest revision complete.

Another find from the bottomless pit of my file drawers are all of the murder mystery games I had concocted back in the 1990s. With some updatinh and prose work, these should make for a fun series of cozy mysteries.

I’ve been adding to my To-Be-Read pile but there is one book that I would like to tell you about. This heart-wrenching book tells of the families who were caught up in the Holocaust – an event that DID happen and that we must NEVER forget. Even the back cover tells quite a lot about the contents. Separation, fear, hunger, and desperation. Discover the true story of these three families (one of which I have a connection to). I received my copy yesterday and will review it as time allows.





Synopsis:  Family Tree: Rooted in Survival tells the never-before-told- true story of three family branches and their struggles to survive the horrors of the Holocaust. Family members are separated from one another and must find the will to survive on their own. Will their will to survive be enough to withstand the Nazi crimes against humanity? Will they find one another again and be able to make a life after survival?

With so much of the country locked in the frigid embrace of Mother Nature, perhaps this would be a great time to pull up a blanket or afghan and grab a book you’ve been meaning to read.


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IN MEMORIAM:  2018 was the year that we lost one of our best friends – Carl A Ferrara. On February 4 2018 he passed from this realm to the Other. He was a great guy and a terrific friend and I extend my love and consolation to his wife Helen and the rest of the Ferrara family.

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