Retired Librarians Welcome Author

//Retired Librarians Welcome Author

Retired Librarians Welcome Author


It was high noon (really 1:oo p.m.). The audience in front of me was comprised of thirty-five part-time librarians at a local senior community library. Their faces betrayed their somewhat jaded anticipation – a few smiles among a group of blank faces. They were gathered for their regular business meeting and to hear yet another author present her tale for their consideration. I had been warned that this group would be difficult to engage. After all, they were some of my greatest critics, recognized for their knowledge of books and authors. What could I possibly have to offer them?

A few brave souls came forward to sit beside me before the event began. Obviously, they wanted the inside scoop. And being the curious individual that I am, I found that these were people just like me – retired, outgoing, and happy to live in the world of literature. At my cue, I stepped into the arena, armed with only my most popular book (Stairway To My Heart). I would need to be the champion of my own dreams.

And then it happened! I found myself being engaged by this ‘difficult’ crowd. Some questions were familiar while others challenged me. What a glorious feeling! At the conclusion, I was thrilled beyond belief to find several attendees stop by my table for a few words of praise and encouragement.

All of this really happened during my visit with the Oak Run Friends of the Library last Friday afternoon (June 7th). I was warmly welcomed by this gracious group and felt we had a great give and take session. I met some really terrific people…and enjoyed some wonderful sweet treats at the conclusion. I’ve even been invited back!!

A huge thank you to Linda Francz and Sandy White for making this happen.

Finally having learned how to work the mic.


Addressing the group of librarians.

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