Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

//Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop with BONUS book Ronaldo: Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 4)  by Maxine Sylvester

It’s all about Teamwork

A special treat from the author of the Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer series! This is actually two books in one. And what fun stories they are.

In Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza, we find Ronaldo’s best friend Rudi is having a birthday party. Rudi is excited because his favorite TV celebrity – Monty the Magic Moose – has been hired to perform at the party. Ronaldo is having trouble deciding on what to give his friend as a present. In order to earn some extra money, he starts delivering cakes for Mrs. Sorrenson but things go awry thanks to some bullies. In the end, the trouble is sorted out and Ronaldo rushes out to pay the tuition for Rudi to go to the Flying Workshop being taught by the world famous Vixen Pederson. Rudi was all set to go but his dad lost his job and they can’t afford it. But the places in the workshop have all been filled. Yet Ronaldo is able to secure a personal appearance at Rudi’s party by none other than Vixen Pederson himself!

In The Vixen Pederson Workshop, both of the young reindeer are placed on opposing teams in this intensive workshop with an emphasis on team-work. Both young fawns are anxious to lead their teams to victory in order to win the coveted Jingle Bell. Ronaldo learns what it means to truly be part of a team. For readers of the earlier books in the series, there are some old friends: Wing Commander Blitzen, for example. In this book young and old alike will find a new friend in Jesper the Elf.

Once again, Maxine Sylvester has blended the modern world with the charming world of the North Pole of our childhood memories. There are elves, reindeer (of course), the Flying Academy, and so much more. Life lessons for youngsters are skillfully woven through the stories that will, of themselves, have you laughing and crying at the same time. And her descriptions of the tantalizing food that Ronaldo and Rudi consume is enough to make one drool.

I have had the good fortune to read all of the books in this series and each one is better than the ones before. Lovingly illustrated by the author, the scenes come to life. Thanks to Ms. Sylvester for providing us with another Christmas story full of fun and happiness. Looking forward to the next one!

Rating:  5 stars

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