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The Scandal Of It All by Sophie Jordan

Graciela, Duchess of Autenberry, has been a widow for more than ten years; because of her Spanish heritage she has been snubbed by London society for so long that she rarely ventures out. But she is young and after such an extended period seeks only a short interlude, a single night, in the arms of a lover. She is convinced by a friend to make an appearance at a club called Sodom, where she can either take part in the activities or simply observe from behind her masked countenance. While there she meets Lord Strickland, a friend of her stepson, who has fantasized about Graciela for years. They share a passionate kiss only to be interrupted by her drunken stepson who fails to recognize a masked Graciela. Of course the sparks fly between Graciela and Colin (Lord Strickland) during that wild night. Graciela forces herself to be content with that night but Colin wants more. Can they trust in each other’s love? What of their age difference? Think of the scandal!

An engaging romp through one of London’s degenerate clubs that ends in a scandalous romance. Romance readers will enjoy this one but be prepared for explicit steamy scenes.

Rating 3.5 stars

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