Seafled by Jordan Rivet

//Seafled by Jordan Rivet

Seafled by Jordan Rivet



Seafled is a fitting conclusion to this wonderful post-apocalyptic series. Our heroine, Esther, is faced with her greatest challenges yet as she and her shipmates set foot on dry land for the first time in seventeen years. Having received word of a settlement near Kansas City the landing party set out from the Catalina to make contact. Before they leave their water-based home, however, they receive word of a group of survivors living near a large lake in Mexico. Esther is led to believe that among the survivors there is her sister Naomi whom she thought long dead. Can Esther’s mother also be among the survivors? She convinces the others to stop there first to see if her missing sibling is indeed alive. What Esther, her father, and the others find along the way is a prophetic vision of what can happen in a world unprepared for global disaster. And will she find the remainder of her family or is this a fool’s errand.

Once more author Jordan Rivet has given the reader much to digest in Seafled. I was enthralled from page one to the very end. The characters remain true to their origins while exhibiting personal growth. The plot is full of twists and turns and there are a couple that took me completely by surprise. I enjoy that type of thing. And while there is so much to take in nothing seems out of place. The end left me wondering what would become of our heroine who by book’s end is itching to get back to sea. I would love to see another book in the series that takes us out about five to ten years after the end of the series.

Don’t just read one book in this series – read them all!

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