Your SECOND CHANCE is Coming!

//Your SECOND CHANCE is Coming!

Your SECOND CHANCE is Coming!

Most of you know that I am still in the throes of editing my newest novel COMING HOME TO LOVE. This will be the first book of my Second Chance At Love romance series centered around more mature (senior) characters. As the adage goes, write what you know…so I’m pulling out these older folks and giving them their shot at fame and fortune.

This book is taking longer to write than I anticipated. At first I thought I was finished with just under 200 pages. But that just wouldn’t do. So I sent our heroine on another adventure and that’s when the book took off. The early chapters are great too! Once I had the rough draft, the work began. I am currently on the 6th round of editing and fleshing out the story.

True, this all takes time. But interspersed with my writing/editing have been numerous things, not the least of which have been a few health issues. My life has changed, hopefully for the better now that these issues are under control. The issues surrounding my mini-stroke, my atrial fibrilation, and unexplained headaches, not to mention some kidney problems have taken more time than I care to admit. At one point I almost gave up writing. But through all your kind words and encouragements I found my way back to the keyboard and characters are back to popping into my dreams and waking me up.

As I wind up another night of editing, I’m hoping that this will be the final round. It was my goal to have the book available for late June but that may slip to sometime in July. Definitely by my birthday though.

I think you’ll be pleased with COMING HOME TO LOVE. I hope you’ll spread the word about the book.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet of the newly re-issued HIDDEN SECRETS OF 201 ATWATER, now would be the perfect time. It’s a great summer read!

As always, I remind you to Please, Please, Please leave a book review on either or This is the nicest way to support my writing after purchasing my book. (If you like the story, why not tell others about it?)

As always, thank you for your patience and support.




Miss Taffy after a long night at the computer.


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