SOUL COLORS – An Otherworld Short Story

//SOUL COLORS – An Otherworld Short Story

SOUL COLORS – An Otherworld Short Story

Woke up in the middle of the night with this entire short story laid out before me. A huge thank you to those angels who brought the inspiration to me.



It was a relatively young Soul that arrived at the Reassignment Center. Several eons had passed since it had been here last, although it felt like no more than several Earth weeks had transpired. That incarnation had been short but full of learning experiences all of which had contribute to Soul’s universal education.

Although Earth had been a prime source of learning experience Soul was ready for its next assignment. Of course this visit home had been enjoyable; reconnecting with Soul’s other team members had been full of edification and discovery. Team members normally were assigned together – on Earth they might be called a family unit – although their relationship might change from assignment to assignment.

Soul observed the activity in the Reassignment Center while waiting to be called forward. Around it were other souls who vibrated at different wave lengths producing what Earth people called auras. Soul’s own vibrations were steady and at a moderate rate producing a lovely green color known as Green Level 10. However, Soul had been this color during the past two assignments and felt the time had come for a promotion to the next level.

Finally Soul was called before the Reassignment Committee. It floated forward as gracefully as possible, sending forth thoughts of greeting while proclaiming its readiness for reassignment. The Committee glowed in response; yet only one of them communicated directly with Soul.

“Have you been cleared by the Education Committee?”

“I have,” responded Soul.

“State your intentions.”

“I seek reassignment…with a color upgrade.”

The Committee members’ glows varied in intensity as they seemed to confer amongst themselves. Soul waited patiently, having learned long ago that patience was a virtue, something that the last sojourn on Earth had reinforced.

“Step forward,” came a direction from the Committee.

Soul moved toward their joint light.

“A decision has been made. You will join two other members of your team on this assignment. Your destination is a planet called Coar in the galaxy of Mindun.”

Soul listened intently, trying not to communicate its thoughts but failing miserably. What passed as a collective chuckle floated toward him although Earth people would hear the reverberations as gently rolling thunder. The communication continued.

“On this assignment you will be the alpha team member. As the time passes more slowly on Coar this will be an extended assignment. There, three Earth years will equate to one Coaran orbit. Your assignment details will be provided at the Departure Station before deployment.”

“Thank you,” replied Soul. “Will any color change be forthcoming?”

Several more parsecs expired while the Committee members conferred. Soul again waited, glowing in green intensity. Seemingly from nowhere two others entered the space, one glowed a high spectrum Green while the other flushed a brilliant Red.

“This Soul has accomplished all that can be learned at the Green Level. However, it is highly recommended that Soul remain at this level for the next assignment.”

Red communicated next.

“We are ready to welcome Soul to the Red Level. As alpha member of its new team Soul will need to call upon the benefits of the Red Level.”

Again, more glowing flashes from the Committee members before a decision was rendered.

“Soul, you have been promoted to Red Level 1. Go in peace.”

Soul swelled with pride as its glow changed from a light green to a deep red – Earthlings would call it burgundy. Moving away from the Committee, Soul next appeared at the Departure Station and made its life exit choices whereby the determination was made how long Soul’s life on Coar would be. Also exit points were chosen along the life path prior to its final expiration point. Exit points could be used by Soul if the assignment became overwhelming or, in extremely rare circumstances, by Soul’s guardian if it was felt that Soul was in danger of being corrupted by the dark side.

A sense of calm came over Soul as it joined another team member. They would transport to Coar together although upon arrival they would go in different directions. With the passage of time, and in distinctly Coaran ways, they would seek and find each other once more and work toward their goals.

Soul glanced at the team member beside it and suddenly the glowing green entity took on the form it would have when they reached Coar. Looking down at itself, Soul realized that it, too, had transformed into a distinctly male form. This glimpse at their future was granted them as an aid to recognizing each other in their new incarnation. Quickly they returned to their glowing selves.

“Till we meet again,” Soul communicated the farewell greeting.

“Go in peace,” came the response.

Together the Souls entered the time-space continuum and traveled toward Coar and their next incarnations.


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