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This Fourth of July weekend finds me working on THE BRIDGEWATER LEGACY – Book #4 of The Bridgewater Chronicles. A short while back the ending of the series was revealed to me in a dream and so, unlike the other books in the series, I’m working backwards.

Amazing Stone Fence in Autumn Field.

This picture is one that is providing inspiration for my descriptions as I write the end of the story first. I rather like the idea of knowing where the story is going. This gives me all sorts of options for how to get there.

THE BRIDGEWATER LEGACY will take us back in time to answer some questions as well as take us a bit into the future – maybe 50 years or so. I’m having fun trying to imagine what life will be like then. Or even if The Bridgewater Chronicles – or books for that matter – will still be around.

If you have any unanswered questions about the people who live at Bridgewater – or want to know more about some of the secondary characters – just leave a comment and I’ll answer you.

Happy reading!

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