The Telling of a Story – Weeks 4.5 through 7

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The Telling of a Story – Weeks 4.5 through 7

Okay, so I’ve been away from this blog for a while but lots of things have been happing. Oak Cliff (book #3) has been through my final edit before going off to the publisher. Lots of work getting that package ready but now it is in the hands of the professionals and I only need wait to see what happens next (book cover design, proof work, etc).

Book #4 though hasn’t been out of my thoughts or development process. I’ve decided that my mellow-voiced crooner to front for the Saturday night band at my dance hall will be named Mason “Sonny” Banks. The band is Richie Marks and the Marktones (I know it sounds kind of corny) but the band name may yet change.

I’ve decided that Sonny shouldn’t be the only one singing so I’ve decided to run a contest where the band will audition for a female singer. Maybe try out one new girl each week. I put out the feeler for name suggestions and was pleasantly surprised when one of my Facebook fans gave me not only one but the entire group of ladies who would be vying for that coveted singer spot – looks like we’ll have five beautiful, spirited young ladies giving old Sonny a bit of competition.

Since I’ve put Oak Cliff to bed I’ll be starting the actual writing of Book #4. I’m anxious to get this one going because I’ve had an inspiration for Book #5. Yes the ideas keep coming and my notebook is filling up with ideas. Some I’ll use in Book #4, others to be used in later books.

I’ll try to be more conscientious about blogging but please bear with me. As my hubby as been known to say, “Caution, author thinking”.

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