Each of us has traditions that we’ve grown up with. Some are family traditions that have stayed with us since childhood. Others are traditions that we’ve created with our own family. And then there are the things that have always been done in a traditional manner.

In the short span of time from the beginning of the year to today, I’ve seen two traditions broken. And I don’t like it! Especially when I have no control of how or why these traditions were changed.

The first thing I’m not happy about is that the television networks changed the day/date of the Tournament of Roses. That parade has been held on January 1st for as long as I can remember – 63 years to be exact. I remember watching that parade as a child, sitting in our living room back in New England, looking out the window at a snow-covered lawn then turning back to watch the parade as it meandered down the sun-dappled streets of Pasadena, California. After I had my own family, we enjoyed spending New Year’s Day sipping mimosas and watching the sun-drenched floats and marveling at the imaginative way that flowers were used to recreate stunning moving scenes. 

Then, this year – 2012 – came the break with tradition. With New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday, it appears that network television stations played into the trap set for them by the lure of money. Our New Year’s Day was filled with professional football games (we’re not big on sports in my house). New Year’s morning was devoid of the beauty and tradition that normally filled the kick off to our year. With my hubby returning to work on January 2nd, we no longer had the fun and relaxation that we had come to expect at the start of our year; I got to watch the parade with my cats.

This past weekend saw another break with tradition, although this one was not as jarring as the first. When I learned that the Miss America pageant was once again to be televised on a Saturday night I became giddy with anticipation. It had been quite a while since it was held on a Saturday – I think last year it was on a Friday (I may be wrong). But I was extremely annoyed to find that the pageant was now being brought to us from Las Vegas! 

I can almost understand why it is no longer held in Atlantic City, but come on! At least keep it on the East Coast. What’s wrong with Miami or Fort Lauderdale if they want the sunny, warm weather? My only consolation this year was that they did, indeed, play a canned version of the theme song “Miss America”. But it was sung by an unnamed artist! If the pageant wants to play a canned version at least let it be the one sung by Bert Parks!!!

So, I look forward to 2012 with trepidation. What other wonderful traditions will be broken or changed beyond recognition? 
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