The Ugly Truth About Downton Abbey

//The Ugly Truth About Downton Abbey

The Ugly Truth About Downton Abbey

It’s over! There’s no other way to say it.

The televised run of Downton Abbey is over. Done. Finished. Of course you can buy or download the videos and replay them. But there will be no new episodes to watch. Will Lady Edith succeed in her role as Bertie’s wife? Will Tom Branson turn into a slick used car salesman? Will Mr. Barrow become the most arrogant butler Downton has seen or will he have learned to temper his ways? How will Daisy and Alfred get along once she moves to the farm? Will the Dowager’s witty remarks grow soft as her great-grandchildren grow older? Will Tio outlive her master? With the finale of Downton Abbey behind us, do you find yourself longing for a new family to engage with? Perhaps something a bit more American yet with an international appeal?

Meet the NEWKIRK FAMILY of The Bridgewater Chronicles:

Kevin Newkirk: son of an influential Boston family, accustomed to a life of prestige; he is the last male in the Newkirk line and needs a suitable wife to provide him a son.

Cordelia Conner: daughter of a tailor and a seamstress from New York, she is bound to fulfill her mother’s dream that one day Cordelia will become a lady of quality and marry a wealthy man.

Corinne Newkirk: rebel child, fiercely independent; everyone calls her Birdie

Catherine Newkirk:  middle child, quiet and obedient. Beware, still waters run deep.

Gerald Newkirk: everyone’s favorite. A huge fan of playing war, he’s among the first to join the Armed Services. He has an odd resemblance to the butler.

Nathan Lawson: efficient, omniscient, well-liked, and in love with the lady of the house.

Jeannette Davis: lifelong mistress and true love of Kevin Newkirk

Zena Hawkins: grand-daughter and movie star; a love story for the ages

Gina and Nick: great-grandchildren taking the family into the future

Agnieska: the devoted senior maid

Mrs. Grant: the outspoken cook who rules the kitchen

Lotte:  the Nursery maid who lives in the shadow of her husband’s love

Huckleby: the spirit of Bridgewater, he’s the ageless man who becomes a surrogate father to Kevin


You’ll find the Newkirk family, their extended families and friends, as well as their domestic staff in THE BRIDGEWATER CHRONICLES. And unlike the stories that surround the Abbey, you’ll follow all of the Newkirks through four books (currently) with a fifth in the works and a possible sixth to follow.  It’s a beautiful world they live in. The world of BRIDGEWATER, an estate of 350 acres where Kevin Newkirk builds a horse farm to rival those of the South, a world of elegance and intrigue.

Books available at in print and Kindle editions. Also available at B&N and other fine on-line book sellers.




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