Welcome 2020 and A Book Review

//Welcome 2020 and A Book Review

Welcome 2020 and A Book Review



Welcome, dear readers, to another year (2020). I’m hoping that you find somethings of interest here this year and maybe something to entertain you. Let’s start the new year with a book review.



In the third, and final, book of Chronicles of The One, the young woman known as Fallon Swift, aka The One, closes the circle that was created by the Dark Magicks at the moment of her conception.

For more than twenty years, those who survived the plague known as The Doom have come into their own as they acknowledge their magickal powers – elves, faeries, witches, shifters, and the like. Side by side they have come to live and work with non-magickals (humans). They seek only peace. But alongside them has grown an evil force made up of Dark Magickals (those who use their powers for evil) who seek to destroy those in the Light. With these Dark Magickals are other groups known as the Purity Warriors and the Raiders, the latter two being comprised of non-magickals who have been taught to fear anyone with other-worldly powers.

Fallon has been trained by Mallick (a centuries old teacher whose sole purpose has been to await The One and teach her everything she will need to defeat The Dark. Now she must put her powers to use and save what remains of mankind.

How I Felt About This Story

As stated earlier, this is the third book in a trilogy and for me I’m happy to see it end. The first book held so much promise. The second book, with its concentration on Fallon’s growing into her role, was the setup for what should have been a spectacular third book. With Fallon coming to power and creating and leading her army to take back the country, this book should have read like a war journal. Instead, almost two-thirds of the book was devoted to conjecture and confusion on the part of Fallon. Instances of her knowing where she had to go and how to get there were tainted by her coming of age emotions; she swung from immature to seasoned and back again. Her internal struggles where after learning some of life’s harsher lessons seemed to overpower the story.

During the battle to win Arlington and later D.C. the reader is given a gloss-over of the battle. Although her army is fighting all around the cities mentioned, we are led to believe that Fallon alone can wipe out four or five times the number of enemy combatants as her peers. Thank goodness of Magickal powers! Fortunately, readers of the trilogy will recall the backgrounds of several of the major players from books one and two. The Rise of Magicks is definitely not a stand-alone book.

I found character development to be rather shallow. Pacing seemed slow in this book. About half way through I couldn’t wait to have it over. Not one of Ms. Robert’s better works but passable.

Rating: 3 stars


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