Wonderful World of Books – Author Judith Balogh

//Wonderful World of Books – Author Judith Balogh

Wonderful World of Books – Author Judith Balogh

The Wonderful World of Books is the name of a new blog by Author Judith Balogh and tells us how her life has been shaped and formed by her relationship to books. It seems that the relationship has been a long one, through Judith’s fascinating life and in her Golden Years, she has turned to writing.

In her own words, this is who she is:

I am of an age when most women instead of denying it, start bragging about it. I had  a life somewhat more fascinating than what I would have chosen for myself, but I made it without losing my sanity. I am a survivor of many things: a war, immigration, raising three children, two marriages, the deaths of my spouses, three university degrees, jobs in a bank, in a hospital, owning and publishing a monthly magazine, emigration, starting life once again from the beginning, living in a military community where even my car was referred by just three letters (and those did not spell “car”” but POV) and I had to learn a new language made up of abbreviations. Finally I survived (actually blossomed) in classrooms for the gifted in schools for dependent children of the  US military (in Europe). I am a survivor of cancer as is  one of my daughters. Now I am  a widow, lost most of my friends to clogged arteries or cancer, am the author of ten books and  am on my way into a Home,  maintained for those, who reached the Golden Age and can still move. 

With a life as rich as hers, one can safely assume that her books are interesting to say the least. Judith has just begun writing a blog and to learn the world of the internet. With her determination, I’m sure she’ll succeed. If you’d like to check out Judith’s blog, you can do so here: Writing-roundtable.com

To see what she’s written, click on her Amazon Page: Judith Petres Balogh  

Judith and I both like to read and her description of her favorite genres is: I like to read books that I can enjoy all the way through and when I turn the last page I want to feel the satisfaction that it added something to my mental, spiritual or moral growth. I wholeheartedly agree with Judith on this.

I  recommend you give one of Judith’s stories a try.

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