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YA Book Review: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

This book review was written by Caitlin – a student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School.

Introduce the book: This baby colt is born on a farm with his mom. Then when he grows he has to move away from his mom into a new home.

Tell about the book but don’t give away the ending: When the big colt moved to his third home his new master, Squire Gordon, gave him a name which was Black Beauty. And than Black Beauty moved to a lot of homes.

Tell about your favorite part of the book: When Black Beauty meets an old man that is a farmer who wants to buy him and does, he takes Black Beauty home and Black Beauty (meets) a boy who is very sweet to him.

Give a recommendation: I recommend this both to anyone who likes horses and sad stories because it will probably make you want to cry your heart out then make you happy again.

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