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YA Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

This review was written by Liam Adams, a student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Gulf Breeze, FL.

Introduce the book: Cassia Reyes is now 17 and it is the night of her Match banquet. She is very anxious to know who her partner for life will be. Who will she love and who will watch her die.

Tell about the book, but don’t give away the ending!: After Cassia’s Match banquet she’s looking at Xander’s (he is her Match) Microcard even though she already knows everything about him because they are best friends. But when she puts the microcard in the computer another face (briefly) pops up and it is someone other than Xander.

Tell about your favorite part of the book or make a connection: My favorite part of the book is when Ky (the other face on the microcard) is teaching Cassia how to write.

Give a recommendation: I recommend this book to anyone who likes a futuristic romance that is hard to put down.

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